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Established in 2006, FinePrint is an independent trade publishing house based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It publishes mostly  fiction and literary non-fiction  but is open to ideas across all genres.

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About the Author
Binita baral Binita Baral is a model, actor and agro-businessperson. She has played in four films, including Chapali Height. She is currently doing her Master's from Herzig University, USA. Juino is her first book.
binita baral
About the Author
Nayan Raj Pandey Nayan Raj Pandey is one of the finest Nepali writers. He is the author of seven novels, including Loo, Ular and Sallipir. He has published there collections of short stories, including Chocolate, Nidayen Jagadamba.
nayanraj pandey
About the Author
Rabindra Adhikari Born in 2026 BS, Rabindra Adhikari was very active in student politics and became the President of President of the Free Student Union, Prithivai Narayan Campus, Pokhara and Central Campus, Tribhuwan University, Kirtipir. He won the elections to the constituent assembly in 2064 and 2070 BS from constituency no. 3 of Pohakara. He has a Master's in Management from Tribhuwan University. His contributes articles on politics and development to different newspapers on a regular basis. Currently, he is Chairman of the Development Committee of the Legislative Parliament. He is the author of Sambidhansabha: Loktantra ra Punarsamrachana and Sambridha Nepal.
Rabindra Adhikari
About the Author
Buddhisagar Arguablly the finest writer of prose, Buddisagar is the author of two novels, Karnali Blues and Phirphire and a collection of poems, Buddhisagarka Kabita.
About the Author
Prasant Jha Prashant Jha is an Associate Editor with Hindustan Times. He has extensively tracked Nepal’s political transformation, and was a columnist with the country’s leading dailies. Jha has also been the Nepal correspondent for The Hindu, and a contributing editor with the Himal Southasian magazine, reporting from the region. Born in Kathmandu in 1984, he now lives in New Delhi. Battles of the New Republic: A Contemporary History of Nepal is his first book.
prasant jha
About the Author
Ajit Baral An alumnus of the International Writing Program-2011, Iowa University and the International Writer’;s Workshop, Hong Kong Baptist University, Ajit Baral is the author of Lazy Conman and Other stories, Interviews Across Time and Space, and co-author of By the Way: Travels through Nepal’s conflict and Shaili Pustak, a Nepali style guide. He is the co-editor of an anthology of Nepali short stories in English, New Nepal, New Voices and the editor of First Love, an anthology of memoirs on first love. He has contributed articles, book reviews and short prose pieces to national and international magazines and his writings have appeared in journals and book forms. He is the cofounder of FinePrint and the festival director of Nepal’s first ever international literature festival, Nepal Literature Festival.
About the Author
Vijay Kumar Vijay Kumar Panday is the host of arguably the most popular television program Dishanirdesh. Founding editor of Nepal magazine, he is also a popular columnist. He won Nepal’s most prestigious literary award, Madan Puraskar, for Khusi.
Vijaya kumar
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