The story outside the operation theatre

While conducting heart surgeries and treatment of more than 14,000 people throughout his career, Dr. Bhagawan Koirala felt the need for a super-speciality hospital for the treatment of Nepali children. To fill that void and to make sure no children would die because of the lack of money and access to proper treatment facilities, he decided to open a children's hospital.

With the objective of establishing such hospitals in all the seven provinces of Nepal, he and his team has already started the construction of the central hospital of Kathmandu Institute of Child Health (KIOCH). The process to establish KIOCH’s first provincial branch in Jhapa has already reached the final stage.

To lend a helping hand to this audacious work, we have decided to publish 2,500 copies of the special limited edition of Dr. Koirala's book Hridaya, at the rate of Rs 25,000 per copy. Hundred percent of the money collected from this initiative will be spent on the construction of a children's hospital. The regular edition will be available in Kathmandu at the listed price of Rs 650 and in the districts at Rs. 575 from the first week of Asoj. Dr Koirala will spend fifty per cent of the royalties received from the sale of these regular editions on the construction of the hospital. The names of the 2500 people buying the special edition will be inscribed on a plaque and put up in the hospital.

We hope that this book, a confluence of experience and words of Dr. Bhagawan Koirala, ensures your participation in this noble initiative of building a much-needed children's hospital in Nepal.