The story outside the operation theatre

While conducting heart surgeries and treatment of more than 14,000 people throughout his career, Dr. Bhagawan Koirala felt the need for a super-speciality hospital for the treatment of Nepali children. To fill that void and to make sure no children would die because of the lack of money and access to proper treatment facilities, he decided to open a children's hospital.

Publisher's Note

Can a book change the world?

As a publisher, reading books or manuscripts is a part of my daily routine.

It was while doing precisely this, a few years ago, that I read a book titled Giving, by Bill Clinton. The book left a lasting impression on me. But I can't find that book anywhere now. Still, I remember the book's message: No matter whether it is an individual, organization or private institution, anyone can make the world a better place in our small ways.

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